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Science to Public and Public to Science Conversation “The Human Right to Health in the Climate Emergency”

Dienstag, 11.06.2024

Climate change is affecting population health through direct (e.g., heat) and indirect (e.g., VBDs) pathways. However, there is a lack of policy with climate-health linkages in many regions, some of which are already facing significant climate impacts on health. In response, the UN Human Rights Council recognized the right to a healthy environment in 2021, and the UN General Assembly did the same in 2022. The need for climate-health policies has motivated more than 120 countries to sign the Climate and Health Declaration at COP28, committing to integrate climate and health policy.  Meanwhile, the WHO plans to develop a global climate change and health action plan by 2025. At the same time, these concerns have reached the highest courts in different regions (ICHR, ECtHR, ICJ).

This conversation aims to connect science and the public in responding to these questions:  What are the obligations of states to protect the human right to health in the face of climate change? What is the level of protection required? What is the scope of state obligations? What legal tools do groups and individuals have to advocate for their human right to health? How can ethics embed climate-health research and policies?

This event will take place on June 20th 16:00-19:15 (CET) in a hybrid modality (University of Graz, Sitzungszimmer GEWI (Main building, Universitätsplatz 3) and Zoom: https://uni-graz.zoom.us/j/67435311133).




Romina Rekers (University of Graz)

Yasna Palmeiro Silva (Lancet Countdown)

Julian Sheather (WHO climate-health ethics team)

17:30-17:45 Coffee Break


Wolfgang Benedek (University of Graz)

Oliver Ruppel (University of Graz)

Miriam Hofer (University of Graz)


This Science to public event is supported by The Field of Excellence Climate Change Graz, Project Denkzeitraum, Research Center ClimLaw Graz, Working Group Climate Justice of the Climate Change Centre Austria, The European Training- and Research Centre for Human Rights and Democracy at the University of Graz.

If you have any questions please contact: romina.rekers(at)uni-graz.at

Everyone is welcome!

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